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Classes for raising up your children

Aim for the classes- to help the parents of children from 0 to 14 years old get a greater practical understanding on how to build a strong and happy family based upon biblical precepts, trust and love.

God gave us wonderful children, they are a blessing from God (Psalms 126:3). However we need to change something-what is it you may ask- our great responsibility; so that our children would grow up strong and brave Christians who are able to carry on our work for Christ. 

The classes for raising up children started in 2013 in our church.

They are thought but experienced ministers and parents. The advices that have been given are effective for many families. Speakers use a lot of their own personal examples, positive as well as the negative, to help parents find their own approach to raising up their children successfully. You will find a lot of interesting topics like; What do children need?- The art of upbringing a boy/girl- Transferring morals- etc.(there are 7 topics on this course and to each one of them will be given a practical job and discussion).

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