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Home Groups

Home Groups

Церковь, где каждый часть семьи!

Home groups are weekly meetings of believers, where people gather together to praise God, to talk about his Word, pray, and care for each other.





Sharing of bread in their homes

We see in the book of Acts the biblical pattern of the church, where believers were constantly ""going to the temple and sharing bread in their homes"" (Acts 2:46) - in other words they all attended general church services and also met in small groups in their homes, because Christianity is all about the relationships: with God and with each other, and home groups is a great opportunity to establish and develop such relationships of brotherly love in a relaxed atmosphere over a cup of tea. In home groups we can care for each other, identify our spiritual gifts and talents, and pray together for the salvation of our loved ones. It is a great place were we can invite newly converted people, so that they have the opportunity to become part of the great family of God - the church!

Join one of the home groups.

There are more than 180 home groups in different areas of the city, you can choose one which will be convenient for you. Should you have any questions, please call 8 (913) 816-20-90 Zhanna