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Construction of a temple

Construction of a temple

We are building a temple!

Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the house; and I will take pleasure in it and be glorified, saith the LORD. The book of the prophet Haggai 1: 8


You can become our partner in the financial support for the construction of the temple. To do this, go to the website: hram.proslavlenie.ru"






God gave a vision for the construction of the temple in 1999у

Fifteen years ago, in 1999, the future senior pastor of the ""Church of Praise"" Oleg Tikhonov returned to Tomsk after completing a course in spiritual and moral rehabilitation in the Achinsk. He pourposed in his heart to tell people about Christ, especially those who, like him before, were drug addicts and alcoholics. However for lack of space for the opening of a rehabilitation center, Oleg Tikhonov and his wife gave their appartment for the needs of the rehabilitation center. Addicts accepted salvation, God freed them from addiction. During this time, the pastor had a vision for the Construction of a temple in Tomsk. In 2001, the head of the Administration of the Tomsk Region, V.M Kress gave buildings in the Shtamovo settlement for a free lease to the church. In 2008, the ""Church of Praise"" bought these buildings and the land during an auction.

In 2012, The Church of Praise acquired in installments three buildings and land

The church grew from year to year, because so many people needed the help of the Lord. So four years later, in 2012, the Church of Praise acquired in installments three buildings and a land for the subsequent construction of a Protestant Temple. In July 2014 the final payment was made and the buildinig for the temple was acquired. Repair works are ongoing on the building. The concrete work on the floor is completed, works on the roof are fully comleted and the hall of worship has been fitted with glass windows. Work is ongoing on the interior decoration of the hall. Iron structures for the church offices are being fitted. Very soon, there will be a temple in Tomsk where everyone in need of God's love can come!

The location of the temple is very strategic; at the intersection of the Ivanovskogo and Vysotskogo streets, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. The three-storey building will accomodate the Church offices, children's rooms, dressing rooms, a cafe, a bookstore, classrooms and more. In the adjacent structure is a huge hall with more than 1,000 seats

Work is actively ongoing in the Temple everyday

Work is actively ongoing in the Temple everyday. In order to repair every building, we need both physical and financial strength. By donating to the project while continuing to pray and to believe in the realization of this great dream, together we will see how the temple would be a real home for every person, regardless of age or nationality. It will be the place where God is waiting to meet with His children.

You can become our partner in the financial support for the construction of the temple. To do this, you can go to the website: hram.proslavlenie.ru and make a donation; or you can make a donation directly at the church's office.